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Company Info

Environmental Policy

Our main businesses are design/development/production/sales activities of packaging parts/materials for electronics/other marchandises.
We recognise these business activities are related deeply with Global Environment and wrestle aggressively with following items for Environmental Preservation

  • We construct and operate effectively adequate Environmental Management System for our activities/quality and volume of goods/environmental effects.
  • We comply with law/regulation of Environment and customers' other requests with which we agree.
  • We struggle on following items to prevent from contamination for purpose of driving Environmental Prevention Activities.
    • (1) Driving Greening proposal to Customers
    •  ① Utilising Decreased Environmental Load Part and Material
    •  ② Improving Use of Recyclable Parts and Materials
    •  ③ Decreasing Wastes of Packaging Parts and Simplyfying Disposal
    • (2) Decreasing Energy Consumption of Office Works
    • (3) Driving Efficient Use, Decrease and Recycle of Paper
  • In order to realise this Environmental policy, we realise the setting and driving of Environment's purpose and target, the specifying authority and responsibility, the educating and training, auditting internally, the reviewing by management, etc., and try to improve continuously Environment Management System.
    And we request understanding and cooperation for Environmental Preservation to customers.

We open this Environmental policy to employees and public it in case of external request.

Nihon Houzai Co.,Ltd.
President & C.E.O. Daiyu Kiuchi

  •  In 2003,
     Certified as Green Partner of SONY's Green Partner Environment Quality System
  •  In 2010,
     Certified as Nominated Material Maker of SONY's Green Partner Environment Quality System